Dry Eye Treatment

There are well-known home regimes for dry eye management such as lubrication and warm compresses. These support a healthy ocular surface and give short-term dry eye relief, however they do little to treat the cause of dry eyes. In-clinic dry eye treatments aim to get to the root cause of dry eyes – treating the meibum glands to improve gland function for prolonged dry eye relief and to significantly retard further damage to these glands. At Strathfield Eyecare, we offer several state of the art, in-clinic options to treat the root cause of your dry eyes. These include Blephasteam and expression, Rexon eye treatment, IPL and the new and exciting Envision treatment by InMode. Dry eye management also needs a wholistic approach. Thus discussion of good lifestyle and nutrition to support your eye health is vital. At Strathfield Eyecare we love your meibomian glands and want to keep them alive and healthy!!!

For more information on dry eye disease and dry eye treatment, please visit Dry Eyes Relief