Tomato Glasses

Tomato Glasses are custom fitted glasses which are made with the idea that glasses should be made to fit the child perfectly. These frames are personally tailored to fit every single unique face, with adjustable temples and nose pads. Made from European TR90, Tomato Glasses are highly flexible, durable yet also very soft.

As very light frames, they provide comfort to all children (particularly those who are sensitive or first-time wearers). A kit is provided with every pair which includes extra tips, nose pads and an attachable headband – which also make them the perfect sports glasses.

The range consists of a number of colours, shapes and sizes including bold colours and soft crystals, which makes it easier to find a pair that perfectly matches the child’s personality! Sizes range from as small as a 35 to as large as a 54 in the three ranges (Baby, Kids and Junior) and Tomato Glasses can be used and adjusted in a way where they are able to grow with the child.