Our Mission

At Strathfield Eyecare we believe that you and your family deserve the best vision and eye health throughout your life.


Why Choose Us

Strathfield Eyecare was opened in 2004 by optometrist Hanna Kim, with a firm focus on professional eye care and quality eye wear. Over time we have also developed good relationships with a large network of general practitioners, eye specialists and other healthcare practitioners to whom we regularly refer our patients.

The Strathfield Eyecare team is committed to helping our patients achieve their best vision with professional advice and a large range of optical and eye care products. We maintain the highest professional standards and ethics.

  • Full scope practice with highest standards
  • Clinical excellence & state of the art facilities
  • Friendly staff & professional customer service
  • Comprehensive eye examinations & treatments
  • Independent practice & ProVision member
  • Large range of eyewear & eyecare products
  • Fluent in Korean, English and Mandarin
  • Comprehensive assessment and latest advances in dry eye treatment; please visit Dry Eye Relief
  • Contact lens consultation & fitting
  • Myopia Management; please visit Myopia Control Strathfield for more information.
  • Orthokeratology contact lens consultation & fitting; please visit Ortho-K Strathfield
  • Ocular disease management & therapeutics

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Dilated eye examination / Dry eye

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State Of The Art Equipment

Macular degeneration, glaucoma digital scans, Corneal topography

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Contact Lens Fitting

Soft disposable contacts / Rigid gas permeable / Coloured

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DNEye Scan

The sharpest possible vision. A Revolution In Individualised Lenses

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Dry Eye Assessment

Early detection/ongoing management

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Dry Eye Treatment

Tailored to individual patient needs

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Myopia Management

Early interventaion/Tailored treatment

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Freedom from glasses & contact lenses during the day

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Our Optometrists


BOptom Hons Class 1

Hanna is our principal optometrist and is therapeutically qualified. Hanna is passionate about giving you personalised and professional eye care. Hanna has special interests in orthokeratology contact lens fitting, early eye disease detection and ocular disease management including dry eye management and co-management of eye conditions with ophthalmologist.

Hanna is a member of Optometry Australia and the Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia. She continually updates her knowledge in optometry and frequently attends conferences.

She has over 20 years of experience in optometry. In 1999 Hanna won the Safilo Australia prize for the best performance in Clinical Optometry 2. She also speaks Korean.

When Hanna is not taking care of your eyes, she loves spending time with her 2 cheeky daughters, doing pilates and daydreaming about travel!


BOptom Hons

Irene is an experienced optometrist who is dedicated to caring not only for eyes but for the patient as a whole. She enjoys taking the time to understand the patient's vision needs.

Irene graduated with honours from the University of New South Wales with therapeutic qualification. She has special interests in contact lenses, myopia control, dry eye and ocular disease management. She can speak fluent Mandarin.

Irene has been wearing glasses since she was very young, so she appreciates first-hand the importance of eye health and good vision throughout childhood and into adulthood. Irene also enjoys staying up to date with the latest research and developments so she can continuously provide the best care and products for her patients.

When Irene is not taking care of your eyes, she enjoys reading and is a talented baker!

Strathfield Eyecare is an independent optometry practice and a member of ProVision, the largest network of 420+ independent optometrists in Australia, committed to establishing a high standard of eye care.